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Whether you're a devo-tea of a builder's brew, coffee or hot chocolate, it's time to put your mettle to the kettle. We are a nation of tea addicts, there's no denying it. We glug down about 165 million cups of tea a day, and 70 million cups of coffee, yet two thirds of us boil far more water than we need.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce a new partnership between Do NationPukka Herbs and Food for Life, promoting Tea time, encouraging people to pledge to boil only as much water as they need. If 3,000 people make a pledge, Pukka will support us to get families gardening this summer.

If we reach our target, 50 lucky schools will each receive 30 packs, containing a packet of chive seeds, a growing resource, a recipe to use your herbs in and a tasty tea time treat to reward you for your efforts. No gardens are required - chives are just as happy growing on a balcony or even a windowsill.

Click here to register to receive your packs

Or email with 'growing packs' in the subject line and your school name and address. 

Terms and conditions

  1. Only 1 set of 30 growing packs will be allocated per school
  2. By registering to receive a pack you are consenting to receive email updates from Food for Life. You can unsubscribe from these at any time.
  3. Schools will be selected on a first come, first served basis. Food for Life's decision is final
  4. There is no cash alternative to the packs

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