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Abbotswood food for life

Our food for life journey so far has been enjoyable becasue the children have been involved all the way.

From building the composting bays, planting seeds, cooking with our produce and much more. We want to continue to educate our children through our journey and beyond.

Our staff and whole school community have been loving it as much as the children and the year 6 children recently did an assembly to the whole school on sustainability. Food education is so important.

We have taken groups of children to visit local butchers and green grocers, cooked with local ingredients as well as our own produce we have grown. Our allotment is  a space that comes a live becasue the children enjoy it so much.

We are currently building gazebos in the allotment so we can take the children out to cook withe the food that we are growing - so much to look forward to!