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Food Waste Project

Our online School Food Waste project lasted for seven weeks. N wrote this blog post to talk about what their family did to participate in our whole school project. Each week focussed on a different aspect of food waste prevention or awareness.


Week 1 – food waste audit

We weighed all food waste from the whole family. Our food waste weighed 861grams. I was surprised we wasted more than 500g mostly because of how much waste there was from the roast dinner. This was the biggest proportion of our weekly food waste.


Week 2 – Tin can/frozen veg cooking.

We made my favourite meal which is sausage and lentil casserole. We used puy lentils, tinned tomatoes, two cans of Guinness, tomato puree, sea salt from the cupboard to go with the fresh sausages.

It was incredibly fun to make and it tasted even better than it looked!


Week 3 – Batch cooking

We made coq au vin in a large batch, enough to last for 3 meals. We also put a portion in the freezer for another day. I think cooking a large batch is better because you waste less food and use less energy cooking.


Week 4 – Cook a fridge round up dish.

For the fridge round up, we made a cheese and mushroom omelette. The mushrooms and eggs needed eating and this was a good way of making sure we didn’t waste them.


Week 5/6 – Food Banks.

We walked up to our local food bank collection point which is in the porch of St Mary Magdelene church in our village of Shearsby. We donated some items we knew were needed by checking on the Lutterworth food bank website first.

At school we had a special assembly learning about Food Banks, led by one of our Governors who volunteers with the Lutterworth Food Bank. I learned that you have to be referred to your local food bank by a doctor, the police or social services.

All of key stage 2 walked up to the church in Arnesby donating food. I was amazed between us we donated 39.8Kg of food!

I made a poster about Food Banks. Last year the South Leicester Food bank gave out over 25,000 parcels which is I think is incredible. The year before it was about 5,000 parcels.


Week 7 – Second Food Waste Audit

This week our food waste weighed only 256g. This was a reduction of 605g. My Daddy ate the leftovers for lunch the next day! This helped a lot.



I feel the Food for life project will have helped people reduce their food waste by making meals with things that would have gone out of date, or by using the freezer more.

In our family we often have fridge round up meals that don’t always fit a theme but are still tasty and mean that we don’t waste the food that would go out of date otherwise.

I have enjoyed all of the weeks.




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