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Easter Table

To encourage independence, team work and enjoyable lunchtimes we introduced Super Servers and Top Table.  The super servers are older children who have their own apron and they get the children's lunches for them, encourage good manners, finishing / trying food, clean tables etc.  By mixing up the year groups on each table we are encouraging a sense of community and ensuring that the Christian Values of our school are upheld (offering friendship).

Each lunchtime the Top Table is awarded a star and at the end of term they get to sit on the top table.  We have had a Christmas theme, a Valentine's theme and this time was our lovely Easter table with bunny ears,  easter crackers, napkins and (just a little bit of) chocolate.

By having everyone in at lunch at the same time encourages a sense of community and that sharing a meal is a positive experience.  Children who have sandwiches sit with their friemds who may be having hot dinners to encourage uptake.