2019 Growing competition result!

We had the largest and most successful Neatherd Growing competition before Easter. Thank you to every member of staff that put up with soil, water and plant pots being placed in a variety of unusual locations around the school.


I have lost track of how many different plants we have had submitted – Lettuce, chillies, beetroot, peppers, spinach and wild flowers to name a few!


The SNAG team took a full hour deliberating over the final results. Health of the plants, size of the plants, number of seeds germinated, soil ratio and labelling neatness were all factors that were taken into account! We have taken all of the plants returned to us down to the garden and planted them out. Any vegetables we harvest in the summer will be returned to participating forms.


Congratulations to Sally and her form for winning the 2019 growing competition! Well done to Jess and Will who also did exceptionally well with their crop, and commiserations to Craig coming last but he did incredibly well to grow anything in Maths 1 with hardly any natural light! Prizes will be delivered as soon as I have bought them.


Can I please ask that you let me know if you think any other pupils in your form deserve to receive house points for their contributions. Each pupil will be receiving house points for their ranked position.


Form     House   Points  Pupils

  1. SSA        Cavell    100        Ethan Barrett / Samuel O
  2. JSH           Kett        90        Joe Godin / Sam Filbert
  3. WBE       Kett          80        Nathan Eves
  4. RHO       Fry            70        Isabella McDade
  5. CGI         Fry           60        Mathew Skimming
  6. KPE        Fry           50        Dem
  7. ERA        Fry            40        Harrison Goulding
  8. HME      Kett          30        Daniel Gois Martins
  9. LMC       Carter    25        Jake Griggs
  10. WWR     Cavell      25        Gracie Rafferty
  11. CDA         Y11        25        Elijah Holman


Stewart and the SNAG team


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