Flexible Learning Day Growing at Neatherd

Every member of year 9 took part in the flexible learning day SNAG activity - growing food at Neatherd. Pupils were taught the uses of plant products, how to meet the needs of growing plants and most importantly hands on skills covering how to grow food yourself.

Each pupil was given a growing card explaining the optimal conditions for onions, lettuce and beetroot. Every pupil was respinsibile for potting, watering and labelling seed trays of pots of the each different type of crop, as well as a variety of other interesting seeds (aubergine, cress, broad beans, peas).

We have over 1000 pots of pots of onion, beetroot and lettuce which will be taken down to the polytunnel for the school garden the week before the Easter holidays.

The science classes the year 9s were in will be responsbile for providing water and organic fertilier for the rest of the term and are encouraged to continue lookng after the plants after Easter!

Well done to everyone involved.


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