SNAG update - 9/5/19

Plans for the year - The team sat down and planned what vegetables, fruits and herbs we will be growing in the garden for the following year. We have ordered over 30 different crops coming to a whopping 125.22, but we all agreed this is money well spent as it will allow lots more delicious foods to be grown, prepared and eaten at school.

Neatherd Bake Off - We are shaking the format up this half term with the Bake Off event. We are going to be setting a technical challenge that all 4 teams (each house represented please!) will have to cook and prepare. The Bake Off is going to be held on Thursday 24th May, look out for poster in your form folders if you would like to enter a team. 
Potato growing competition - You may have noticed 3 large tubs around the school site, we have entered the Solana school potato growing competition! We are looking to retain our title as champions from last year so please make sure our pupils are treating them well. 
Canteen menu visibility - there has been much improvement in visualising the menu to everyone who enters the canteen to promote our diverse selection and reduce queuing decision time! More posters and signs will be put up in the near future. 
Food waste management - NORSE now use a production plan sheet to monitor the dishes that are selling and the dishes that go to waste in an effort to decrease the amount of food thrown in the bin. An excellent step forward in food waste reduction
Free school meals - I have a list of pupils who are entitled to a free school meal but who are not using their allowance. I will be adding a meeting to their class charts at break times before half term to remind them to use it and to get feedback on their thoughts about the canteen. we want 100% uptake and there is no reason and child should be going without a decent meal during the day. 
Trips and visits- The SNAG team will be visiting the Norfolk show this year to learn about agriculture in the county. We are planning on doing a joint visit to Holkam Hall with the GCSE Food Technology group in September for a full Farm to Fork experience. 
Science Fair - The gardening team will be entering a science fair study to promote the garden in all aspects of the curriculum. Watch this space!
As always, if you would like to get involved in SNAG then please get in touch and if you know any pupils that might benefit from joining gardening club then send them my way!
Stewart and the SNAG team


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