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We did it again!

We are thrilled to receive our Food for Life Award again, having completed the renewal criteria!!

Through this prestigious award - our children and our team thoroughly enjoy the Hearts and Spades project (sending little compostable tubs, compost and seeds / instructions home) alongside all of the fruit and vegetables that we grow in nursery that feeds into our menu.

The Community Kitchen that we run alongside our Nursery Cook and all rooms is always something to look forward to!

Our families providing us with recipe ideas to share with other families is a huge success!

We are now making plans for this year and we are having conversations with our little people about what we can plant and grow for 2024. 

2023 was a great harvest! The harvest festival was a wonderful way to bring how much people care -  together. The scarecrow festival was also a wonderful nursery/home project - to make a scarecrow that served four functions - to provide a habitat, water source and food source for animals / insects that visit our gardens! It also had to be upcycled - which is in keeping with our 'be green' work. 

We will continue with the FFL Award and continue to find new and innovative ways to engage and educate one another in making healthier choices and looking after the world around us at the same time. 

Our children deserve this. 

We look forwards! 

Team FH.