We recently had a representative come to speak to the children about a local farm. The children were given 2 plates of food (strawberry, cucumber and carrot) and asked to try them and give feedback. The children did not know the origins of the food or why we were asking. As each pair of foods was tried, we asked the children to choose between Plate A or Plate B. For virtually every child, the favourite foods came from Plate B which was revealed to have come from the farm that morning while Plate A had foods bought from a local supermarket the previous evening. "It's tasty, this one is watery."  " I don't like cucumber but this is yummy." "The strawberries are like sweeties, have we got any more?"
The children were encouraged to ask questions about the farm and its produce and were interested in the day-to-day work of a farmer. They were surprised to find that the farm produce had a 30 minute journey whereas other foods may have travelled thousands of miles; as a result, they said that they would look at food labels when shopping with their parents.


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