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As and Bees

Sir John Moore School are currently working towards the Gold Award and as part of this have made significant links with the local Allotment Association.  

The FFL team have met with the lead Allotment Association person who has very kindly "allotted" us an area within the community space.  A trip to the allotment allowed the team to agree what is viable to grow.  Mangoes and Kumquats were discarded as ideas after referring to the growing calendar and green beans and strawberries were chosen alongside potatoes and courgettes.

A competition has been set up to create an irrigation system to help water the offerings during the summer months when  school is on holiday.

Composting has been set up alongside a wormery in the allotment area and the children have been following the wormery rules to help our wriggly friends.

The allotment association has agreed to allow the school to sell any surplus vegetables at the summer fete to help raise money for seeds for our next crops.

We have been awarded a grant of £150 to help with our "sow and grow" project and we are working alongside the allotment association to agree how best to spend this in school and in the community allotment.

That's the As....now on to the Bees

We have kept bees in school for over 5 years and have a number of hives that the children maintain.  The children learn how to make the hives alongside learning about the improtance of bees to our eco system.  We harvest the honey  - the kids love wearing the protective clothing and seeing the honey being created within the hive.  They then get to watch and take part in the production of the honey at a unit on the local farm before selling the honey to friends and family.  

We have invited the local headteachers to come and visit the hives and hope that other local schools will take up the opportunity of keeping bees.  We have been in contact with a local school who are hoping to "bee friendly" and are looking forward to them visiting us and seeing all the benefits of keeping bees.


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