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April 2017 blog

It's that time of year again, when the sun is out and we all start planting out our vegetable beds. Everyone has been out in the garden as the ground is warming up. It's lovely to spend some time getting our hands muddy and thinking about all the lovely fruit and vegetables we will be enjoying in the coming months. Even though it was the Easter break at the start of our holidays we have achieved a lot and have filled over half of our raised beds with seed and plants. 

Following our Flavour School experiences our school has been featured in The Sunday Times Magazine. You can see more about the article here: 



FS1 have been the busiest, planting chard, carrots and potatoes. They have decided to make one of their beds a permanent strawberry bed. The children celebrated Australia Day by making traditional Anzac biscuits which have coconut in and tasted delicious (I may have pinched a couple at break time!)


FS2 planted out the peas that they have been growing in pots on the window sill and have been thinking about how they will use them once they are ready to harvest. The children loved the way the tendrils curled around the support sticks which reminded them of the bean stalk in the Jack and the beanstalk story.


KS1 have been exploring tomatoes using the flavour school techniques to describe and draw them. The children were amazed at just how varied tomatoes can be. They loved the pumpkin variety with it's deep crevices and interesting patterning. They thought that the yellow ones might taste more bitter than the red ones and thought that the cherry tomatoes would be the sweetest. We had fun sketching all the different varieties and tried to add as much detail to our drawings as possible.


LKS2 have continued their learning in food education about tropical fruits making more fruit kebabs, writing poems about one of their chosen fruits and drawing detailed sketches of the fruit too.  They are planning on planting potatoes next month.


UKS2 have been reviewing the plum loaf recipe, writing about the different textures and flavours they tried. Many enjoyed the combination of plum loaf and Poacher cheese when they hadn't expected to. The mixed peal with it's fruity lemon taste had mixed reviews, some loved it, others would rather leave it out next time. We all (staff included) noticed how the smell of the plum loaf was warm and comforting, making our tummies rumble at the thought of eating it. As well as reviewing the plum loaf recipe UKS2 have also been checking on their tomato plants, weeding between their onions and garlic, and planting radishes and carrots. We have planed 3 varieties of carrots to see which will grow biggest and which will taste best.


At the  Snack Shack we began the month by making the ever popular Fruity Jelly pots which always sell well and make a very good profit. We have had lots of requests for our best seller 'smoothie ice lollies' which will definitely by on the menu as soon as the weather warms up a bit more. We also made frittatas using up left over jacket potatoes, sweet corn, spring onions and chives from our herb garden.



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