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March at Washingborough Academy

Thanks to the hard work our staff are doing to raise the importance of food education in our schools we were rewarded with tickets to The CEO CookOff in London, our own lunch time and food education staff were invited to enjoy a 3 course meal organised by Jamie Oliver to raise funds and support to improve food education in our schools and the UK charity Harvest, who are working to reduce food waste by redistributing surplus food to those who need it.

There has been lots of action in the garden as the weather starts to warm up. We have been busy weeding and preparing our vegetable beds for this years crops. The children in FS1 have been working hard to weed and prepare their vegetable beds for planting. So far they have carrots, cauliflower, onions, leeks, beetroot, Cabbages in the beds and have planted rhubarb and strawberries plants too. Now we are practicing the value of patience as we wait for them to grow...

FS2 have been planting tomato seeds which very quickly germinated on the windowsill. The children have been looking at how tomatoes become tomato purée. They plan to make tomato passata with theirs so next time they make pizza they can use home made. Whilst we wait for our own home made passata we bought some in to make pizza for grandparents day. The children shared their recipe with their grandparents, making individual pizzas which were cooked in our outdoor pizza oven. The weather was a bit drizzly but we were kept warm huddled around the oven.

KS1 Cleared the last of their parsnips and sprouts for the kitchen to use and prepared the beds ready for this years crops. The children have been looking into improving the soil quality and could use some expert advice. We were Lucky enough to have a local farmer come in to visit us as part of the tractors in school scheme. She came in with her tractor to speak to the children about the planting, harvest, yeald and production of rape seed oil. It was very exciting! In food education the children continued with their apple tasting and made apple tarts. They experimented with different types of pastry, finding filo tricky to work with and preferring our chefs home made shortcrust in the end.

LKS2 have been making tropical fruit kebabs. The children took in turns to make (and more importantly eat!) the Kebabs, write sensory poems about tropical fruit and create observational drawings, working on their sketching and shading skills.

UKS2 continued making plum loaf, using their sense of smell to identify the spices used and their sense of touch to explore the different textures of the fruit. They tasted a variety of local cheeses with the plum loaf preferring the strong but creamy Poacher cheese best. As part of their food education lessons the children have planted enough tomato seeds to fill about 10 greenhouses so we have decided to send most of them home with the children once they are well established so they can share fresh tomatoes with their families. Maybe they too will make fresh passata to use on home made pizza?

At the Snack Shack we tried a new recipe chewy mixed seed and fruit bars. They turned out well and made a good profit, definitely one to do again. We also made raspberry and blackberry pancakes and very berry breakfast muffins. Our portion numbers continue to increase with cues out the door one week!


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