Roast Dinner Day with The Wild Wooldale Buddies.

Wooldale Junior School is proud to present our Roast Dinner Day, hosted on the 2nd of November 2016. 


A fabulous taste explosion was sampled by pupils, parents and special guests.


Lovingly prepared by our dedicated chefs, we enjoyed a sample of fruits and vegetables grown and nurtured by our keen Wooldale gardeners.


The school proudly showcased a wealth of home grown produce to accompany a delicious cut of prime pork. Tangy apple sauce and sage and onion stuffing complimented the succulent meat.


For the vegetarians, we served a delicious courgette and pepper quiche which the children picked from our allotment. Seasonal home grown Curly Kale added a touch of green to our plates, providing a great source of iron and minerals to a nutritionally balanced plate of food.


The Star of the show was our rosemary infused roast potatoes, lovingly grown by the whole school as part of our ‘Wooldale’s Got Spuds’ growing competition.


 Children threw themselves into the project. They enjoyed hand picking and formally writing to our guests and delighted in talking to them about how they had been involved in the process.


A resounding success, our guests reported they had thoroughly enjoyed their feast! A guided tour of the school’s allotment by our children concluded a very pleasant afternoon.

About our ingredients:

Our pork came from JW Youngs Butchers, Sheffield, S9 3WG, 24.3 miles

Our carrots came from GW Price Fruit and Veg, S21 4DH, 34.3 miles

Our eggs came from YPO, WF2 0XE, 14.7 miles

Our potatoes, kale, rosemary, courgette, parsley, apples, onions and garlic came from Wooldale Junior School, 0 miles


As a relatively new team we are delighted with the response from all our supporters. From humble beginnings we have made our first steps towards self- sustainability. We are very excited about the future and look forward to developing our dynamic school.


Watch this space!!!!!


  • Carole Roberts says:

    Wow - that is one fantastic looking Roast Dinner Day. Love the food miles and 'Woodlands Got Spuds'.
    Please keep us at Food for Life Kirklees updated with what you've got going on in 2017.

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