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A visit from a hungry caterpillar

The recent summer rain has done wonders for the fruit and vegetables growing in our gardens. Anne Merry, our Food for Life Get Together's Regional Engagement Officer, now has a garden that resembles a jungle and has had a visit from a very hungry caterpillar.

Despite the cold and windy weather we have been experiencing recently, the garden is now producing a variety of fruit and vegetables and is resembling a jungle!  It being so overgrown meant that I didn’t notice the hungry caterpillar at first, as it stripped the redcurrants off the bushes – it seemed to have a liking for those that were still green, which was curious. 

At one point I thought Hansel and Gretel had passed by as there was, what I can only describe as, a trail of ‘leftovers’ up the path – half eaten strawberry’s and nasturtium leaves winding their merry way up to the chicken’s gate.

And there was another point when the chickens seemed they were to blame for the destruction as they had managed to knock a glass slat out of the ventilation window and had all made it into the greenhouse…  luckily their plan was thwarted by an eagle-eyed child and not too much damage was done.

Child eating peasBut somehow, pinning the blame on them didn’t add up.  The chickens cannot enter the garden unless the gate is left open, they cannot pick peas off the plants and they definitely cannot make teeth marks in a strawberry… as they don’t have teeth!

No, this was a case of mistaken identity; it was not unruly poultry but an ever growing and very hungry caterpillar…

On Monday she ate through some peas

On Tuesday she ate a whole cucumber

On Wednesday she ate some raspberries

On Thursday she ate some red currants

On Friday she ate some blueberries…

And on Saturday and Sunday, she ate more of the same and anything else she could forage…  

Find out how Anne and her children coped with  the rain last week!


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