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Call for help – food strategy needs input

Charlotte TaylorCharlotte Taylor, Head of Communications and Marketing Food for Life

On the recent “Britain’s Fat Fight” Hugh Fernley Wittingstall (and our own Rob Percival) highlighted the serious problem we are facing: 25% of us are obese, by 2050 that will be 50% if we maintain the status quo. Action is clearly needed.

According to the APPG Obesity report our “obesogenic environment” constantly pushes people - children in particular - towards unhealthy choices. This is something that Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, is keen to change.

The Draft London Food Strategy is out to consultation; stressing the inter-connectivity between our health, our productivity and our happiness. The strategy proposes an all-inclusive approach under the following headings:

  • Home
  • Shopping and eating out
  • Public institutions and community settings
  • Maternity, early years, education and health
  • Growing, community gardens and urban farming
  • The environment

Your experience as a Food for Life partner or indeed someone interested in food more generally is hugely valuable, and now you can contribute to this society-wide approach that (if successful) will be the blueprint of UK-wide policies which will affect everything from the food served in our hospitals to food education in nurseries and schools, marketing of unhealthy food and the whole food network from procurement to pollution.

Please have your say on the London Food Strategy. (Open until 5 July 2018.)

From the Mayor:

All Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity: Obesity Report

Search BBC iplayer for Britain’s Fat Fight.


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