Food for Life activities in Mytholm Meadows Care Home

​A pilot location of the Better Care programme is Calderdale & Kirklees. We are working with numerous care settings in the region improve the health and wellbeing of older people, bring communities back together and reduce experience of loneliness.

As part of our efforts to prioritise a good food ethos across the lifespan and encourage greater community cohesion, Better Care has been supporting a range of intergenerational therapeutic food activities in care homes, such as reminiscence cooking, sensory growing and outdoor activity. Food activities which create aromas, opportunities for reminiscence and stimulate the appetite are beneficial in a myriad of ways for older people and for those living with dementia. Equally, growing activities can stimulate the senses, improve dexterity and strength, promote relaxation and allow older people to form valuable new friendships.

The following film takes a closer look at Better Care cross generational food activities at Mytholm Meadows, a 42 house sheltered accommodation home in Calderdale.

Find out more about the Food for Life Better Care programme. 


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