Report shows parent and teacher support for a Healthy Schools Rating Scheme

A new report from School Food Matters, in collaboration with Food for Life, makes the case for the introduction of a Healthy Schools Rating Scheme.

The scheme was promised in the 2016 Obesity Plan, but it still hasn’t been introduced.

The report published today shows strong support for the proposed scheme:

  • 97% of people surveyed are in favour of a Healthy Schools Rating Scheme.
  • When asked if the scheme should be mandatory, 85% of respondents agreed.
  • 93% are in favour of the HSRS being applied to all state funded schools.
  • When asked if Ofsted should monitor the scheme, 72% of people surveyed, and 76% of parents, agreed.

Food for Life is calling on the Government to deliver an ambitious scheme. We want to see a Healthy Schools Rating Scheme that –

  • Is mandatory for all state-funded schools, including primary and secondary;
  • Is considered in Ofsted inspections;
  • Requires all schools to demonstrate evidence of compliance with the School Food Standards and the implementation of food education;
  • Builds on evidence of what works by incentivising a ‘whole school approach’ to good food.

Food for Life has been pioneering a ‘whole school approach’ for over a decade. This means making food a central part of the school day, a priority for the leadership team, with pupils and cooks involved in decision-making, and food education integrated across the curriculum.

Food for Life’s approach has been shown to have a significant impact on children’s eating behaviours. Children in Food for Life schools are twice as likely to eat their five-a-day compared to children in other schools.

Rob Percival, Head of Policy for Food for Life, said: "It’s now almost three years since the Prime Minister committed to delivering a ‘world-leading’ childhood obesity plan, but when it comes to school food we’ve seen little more than world-leading procrastination. There is clear appetite for an ambitious Healthy Schools Rating Scheme, hooked into Ofsted inspections. The Government must now deliver on its promise.


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