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New to Food for Life: TeachMeet

On Thursday 2nd teachers from across the country came together for our first TeachMeet to share ideas and learning on how to set up and run SNAGs. It was great to see so many teachers interacting and learning from one another. The variety of ideas and experience lead to fruitful discussions:

A summary of the key points for setting up and running a SNAG:

  • SNAGs are most effective with SLT involvement
  • Involve the school cooks in making decisions
  • Holding votes for class representatives boosts the profile of the SNAG
  • Student lunchtime helpers support smooth lunch hours
  • Lunchtime helpers discover/are told problems that adults aren’t
  • The SNAG often help with setting up and running a school garden

There was also good interest in Overdale Junior Schools Get Togethers project ‘Lunchtime Companions’. This is where older members of the community had been coming in to have lunch with the children. Whilst C19 has prevented the guests coming in to schools, some have adapted by making the lunches virtual. See how Washingborough Academy’s virtual lunch went:

In the new academic year we will be supporting our schools with TeachMeets once a month on topics of your choosing, with teachers providing teachers with ideas and solutions. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Find out more about our schools programme.


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