We’ve been digging deep into England’s food and drink habits and the findings are shameful.

Our State of the Nation report sums up how children have eaten in 2018, considering the political, environmental and social forces shaping their diets.

The report makes five recommendations to improve children’s food in England in 2019 following talks with children, parents, cooks and teachers.

We’re calling on the Government to:

  • Fix the School Fruit and Veg Scheme
  • Invest in food in the early years
  • Safeguard the quality of school meals
  • Put veg on the plate
  • Make Brexit work for veg

It is more important than ever that we all pull together to make change happen.

Download the report now

State of the Nation report - download now

£40 MILLION is spent each year on the School Fruit and Veg Scheme.
Teachers say:
“Pears are hard, carrots have been sweating in bags for days. The quality is awful.”
“The produce is not as fresh as we would hope. This means the children don’t eat it.”