Green Kitchen Standard

We've created the Green Kitchen Standard, which recognises caterers that are making positive steps to sustainably manage their energy, water and waste. 

The Green Kitchen Standard reassures customers that you're going a step further to minimise environmental impact. 

Caterers must prove their environmental credentials and provide a clear point of difference to set their service apart from the rest, which can mean cost savings as well as aligning with energy, water and waste requirements of the Defra Plan for Public Procurement and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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Bulb  Enhancing reputation
• Provides comprehensive and credible reassurance to customers, staff and stakeholders
• Demonstrates a commitment to sustainable catering across a wide set of criteria

Thumbs Up  Delivering efficiencies
• Provides critical input to evaluating current operational and environmental practices
• Helps identify opportunities to improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs

Wind Turbine  Facilitating compliance
• Supports compliance with procurement requirements and helps in tendering for new and existing contracts
• Offers an independent verification standard that aligns with Defra’s Balanced Scorecard

Meeting the standard

Points are awarded to caterers based on actions taken to reduce energy, water and waste. Some suggestions of ways to score points are:

Energy, water or waste policy  Providing staff training  Having improvement targets in place  Providing free tap water  Working with suppliers to reduce energy, water or waste 
Staff communications Having energy or water-efficient equipment  Redesigning menu to minimise food waste loss Maintaining equipment  Having a responsibility structure in place 
Composting food waste Engaging with landlord to install sub-metering  Calculating a carbon foodprint  Customer communication  Having a switch-off policy 
Monitoring energy, water or waste Environmentally conscious sourcing  Providing recycling bins for staff and customers  Applying the Government Buying Standards  Donating surplus food 

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