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Ensure you and your team feel empowered, knowledgable and confident when serving up Food for Life Served Here (FFLSH) meals

Professional development is vital to ensure our teams feel empowered and confident when serving up Food for Life Served Here (FFLSH) meals. Our training solutions cover all the bases and offer something for all team members, from kitchen porters to catering managers. Training provided by Food for Life supports Bronze standard 1.12.

Our training is available to anyone - including caterers not currently on the Food For Life Served Here programme.

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Online Training £20+VAT p/person

Trainees learn to talk confidently about FFLSH, establish a foundation level knowledge of the principals and can implement the standards in daily kitchen practice.

Our training has been designed to fit around busy kitchen schedules and the demands of our industry - it is accessible on mobile phones; Cypad, tablets and computers and takes around 30 mins to complete.

On completion, all trainees receive a certificate.

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Training Session £750+VAT for up to 20 trainees (£37.50 p/person)

Transform the way your team view good food and enhance employee health, well-being and understanding by exploring food systems and the ethos behind our FFLSH standards.

Trainees learn how FFLSH best practice impacts on both the environment and health. The training cements the principals for FFLSH and gives trainees the opportunity to ask questions and share their own food stories. 

One of our expert trainers visits your site to conduct this 2-hr interactive training session. A room with access to a projector is ideal for training delivery.

On completion, trainees receive a certificate.

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Farm Day Training POA - Approx. £2500+VAT for up to 20 trainees (£125 p/person)

A unique, first-hand look at how FFLSH impacts on farmers and the environment.

Trainees will receive full training on the FFLSH standards followed by a farm tour with the opportunity to ask questions.

Bespoke training to cover elements of policy, standard development and sector specific insights are also available - get in touch to discuss your requirements. 

This is a full-day training, including lunch and tea/coffee.

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Tracey Parnwell, PAL Group London shares her thoughts on the training:

“The visit has enhanced and revitalised my understanding and knowledge so that I can make informed decisions on purchase and growing."

Trainees receive a certificate and walk away with a comprehensive understanding of the wider impacts their roles are playing in supporting the British economy and the environment. 

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"We urge all concerned parents to ask whether their school has the Food for Life badge, as this is the only independent verification of school meal standards and ingredient quality."Rob Percival (Head of Food Policy, Soil Association)

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