Supporting The Marmot Review

Evaluation of our programme demonstrates it supports all six recommendations from the 2010 Marmot Review - 'Fair Society, Healthy Lives':

Give every child the best start in life: Evidence shows that schools participating in FFL increases fruit and vegetable consumption by children at school and in the home. It also dramatically reduces the problem of the most vulnerable children not taking up their healthy school meal entitlement. FFL is "particularly effective at helping engage or re-engage pupils with learning issues and challenges." (NFER, 2011)

Enable all children, young people and adults to maximise their capabilities and have control over their lives: Twice as many primary schools received an Ofsted rating of Outstanding following their participation in FFL. The programme gives pupils and parents access to practical skills that afford them greater control over their current and future diets.

Create fair employment and good work for all: Research by the new economics foundation found that there is more than £3 in social return on every £1 invested in Food for Life Sustainable Catering Award school menus, mostly in the form of new jobs in the local economy.

Ensure a healthy standard of living for all: "Evidence points towards the FFL's potential to contribute to helping 'close the gap' for disadvantaged children in terms of their health and academic attainment." (NFER, 2011)

Create and develop healthy and sustainable places and communities: Food for Life Catering Mark Gold menus have up to 47% lower climate impact than standard school menus. (Manchester University, 2010)

Strengthen the role and impact of ill-health prevention: The evaluation showed a 28% increase in reported 5-a-day consumption by pupils and 45% of parents reported eating more fruit and vegetables as a family as a direct result of their engagement in FFL. (UWE and Cardiff University, 2011)

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Food for Life multi-setting programmes demonstrate a social return of £4.41 for every £1 invested.

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