Networks and Communities

Within our Food for Life and Soil Association network of programmes, we work across the entirety of the food system.

This unique position allows us to work alongside a vast range of people, communities and organisations to ensure they are equipped, connected, and empowered to drive change locally, regionally and nationally.

Joining Forces for Positive change

Having a multi-faceted approach to network building is one of our key strengths, enabling us to apply different methods for different audiences or purposes, meaning that our approach to networks is as varied as the organisations within our ever-growing web of connections.

Watch our animation video on our approach to Building Sustainable and Empowered Networks

Sustainable Food Places:

As the Soil Association we are one of the three leading partners in Sustainable Food Places. A UK wide network that brings together pioneering food partnerships from towns, cities, boroughs, districts and counties across the UK that are driving innovation and best practice on all aspects of healthy and sustainable food.

My Food Community:

Evolving out of our Food for Life Get Together’s Programme, the My Food Community leadership programme and network is building up strong and empowered connections to community leaders across the UK.

Since starting in 2022, My Food Community has worked with 150 inspiring individuals and provided them with a range of leadership and personal development activities, enabling them to step out of their day-to-day work and see the food system more holistically, empowering them to play a greater role in influencing their localities.

Contributing to established networks: 

As Soil Association we are part of a range of networks across the UK, including the Pesticide Action Network, Wildlife and Countryside Link or the Consensus on Food, Farming and Nature Group. These networks provide the ability to increase our collective influence across a range of issues, whilst also providing the platform to develop new partnerships.