Meet the Food for Life Experts

We know that the right support can make all the difference to you achieving your Food for Life award.

That's why our Awards Package subscription also includes an on-site visit from one of our expert team to offer advice and encouragement that is tailored for your setting.

As well as offering a great opportunity for you to benefit from the real-world experience of one of our food leaders, you will also receive an action plan to support the continued development of your Food for Life work.

Our experts are made up of senior members of the Food for Life team, our national partners and specialist consultants. Here's just some of them:

Jeanette Orrey  Jeanette Orrey
Co-Founder, Food for Life

Jeanette is a former school dinner lady with over 20 years of practical experience of providing children with good food. One of the most well-respected experts in the field, her vision led her to co-found Food for Life. Jeanette's down to earth and motivational approach offers support across all areas of your food journey.

 Diana Hawdon Diana Hawdon
Early Years Advisor, Food for Life

Diana is a registered public health nutritionist and dietitian as well as a qualified chef. Her wealth of knowledge and experience in food and nutrition related topics allows her to offer practical and nutritional support for eating well and meeting current food and drink guidelines to all early years settings.
 Joanna Lewis Jo Lewis,
Strategy and Policy Director, Food for Life

Jo founded the Food for Life Catering Mark in 2007, developed its early standards and now advises the independent Catering Mark Standards Committee. An expert on the Catering Mark and wider policy around food in Early Years, Jo is just the person to help you achieve the Food Quality section of your award.

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