National Curriculum & Wider Learning

One of the core aims of the National Curriculum is that it “provides pupils with an introduction to the essential knowledge that they need to be educated citizens. It introduces pupils to the best that has been thought and said; and helps engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement” (key stages 1 and 2).

We believe that the FFL programme directly supports this by involving pupils in a whole range of new experiences and learning, developing life-long skills that will lead to a healthier adult life.

Our award programme also supports all aspects of the 'Cooking and Nutrition' subject content in the new national curriculum. Not only does this ask that pupils learn to cook a range of healthy meals, but also understand where there food comes from, how it's grown and the principles of a healthy diet.

Wider learning

More broadly, the programme encourages children to share ideas, think independently and allows them to see their ideas and the skills they have learned put into practice. Learning practical hands on skills that can be applied outside the classroom also goes a great way to embedding a lasting change in culture.

Learning in a way that encourages communication and idea sharing, as well as discussing the ethics of food and sustainability helps children foster strong leadership skills and also encourages entrepreneurial qualities.

Our programme also supports work towards other awards, such as Eco-Schools and Fairtrade Schools.

67% of schools felt the programme had a clear impact on their Ofsted report in terms of pupils' personal development and wellbeing.

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Support Packages

Whether you’re just looking for fresh ideas or your school wants to demonstrate that you’re serving up both fantastic food and imaginative food education, we have a package for you. 

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