Better Lunchtimes

Food for Life schools give everyone a say in how they can improve their lunchtimes and make sure it’s seen as an important and enjoyable part of the school day.

Not only do they ensure that their food is freshly prepared, nutritious and well sourced, they make it a positive experience for the whole school.

Pupils are asked to help redesign and name their school dining rooms, giving them a fresh look and identity. School cooks and caterers liaise with pupils working in the school gardens, together planning what to grow and what can be used in the school meals.

Pupils are given additional responsibilities at mealtimes, such as helping with younger diners, increasing their sense of ownership and involvement. Children who bring in packed lunches sit with children who are having a school dinner, so they don’t feel stigmatised, and can see how good the lunch actually is!

By increasing the amount of freshly prepared healthy food on offer, it looks and tastes good, so there’s less waste, which helps with cost control.

One of the best things about Food for Life schools is that they have the confidence to invite members of their local community into the school - including the parents and grandparents  - to find out for themselves just how good a school lunch can be!

If ALL primary schools in England were FFL schools 100,000 more children would be eating at least some fruit and vegetables.

Case Study

Food, glorious food - Improving the lunchtime experience

Gold Food for Life School, Collaton St Mary in Devon, has placed great importance on improving school meals and enhancing the children's lunchtime experience. It works in partnership with the school kitchen to make lunchtimes calm and unhurried, and this has become an integral part of school life.