Food for Life was born out of the dedication and perseverance of one school dinner lady, Jeanette Orrey.

Through her inspiration and guidance, we have remained true to her values of making sure the school cook is at the heart of the programme.

The most successful Food for Life schools are those that have put the cook at the centre of school life, making them feel included and involved.

The cook can inspire and motivate your pupils to want to eat healthy food; they can turn the dining room into a welcoming and friendly environment; they love to share their skills and knowledge with the wider school community; they will get involved in fun events throughout the year and turn the kitchen into the hub at the centre of the school.

School cooks, especially those who work in-house, can feel like they are working in isolation with no one to share ideas or talk through issues with.  Across England, Food for Life cooks networks are being created, where groups of cooks come together to support each other, share experiences and come up with solutions to common problems.

Encourage your cook to start their own Cooks Network – it’s easy to contact cooks from your local area and set a meeting up – and once it starts they’ll want it to continue!

"Everyone in my kitchen knows the FFL values, this has spread through the whole school and is seeping into the community."Sarah Allen (The Vine Inter-Church Primary - Upper Cambourne)

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