Get Cooking

Knowing how to prepare and cook your own food is a skill that everyone should possess. It's also a fun skill to learn!

Teaching children how to prepare fresh, healthy food in schools is a skill that can be used both inside and outside the classroom, and is something that will last a lifetime.

We encourage schools in the Food for Life programme to participate in activities that get their pupils interested and excited about cooking and educate them about making healthy choices in their diet. Consider setting up a cooking club if you don’t currently teach cooking. Visit our Cooking Skills page to find out how we can train you to teach the basics. 

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Case Study

Using cooking to inspire the children and raise funds

Kitchen Manager Anne Hext-Williams is at the heart of the Food for Life programme at Lady Modifords Primary School in Devon. A whirlwind of energy and enthusiasm, she teaches cooking to the whole school, raises funds, goes into lessons…