Try cooking these Mean Bean Balls by watching the video and following the recipe.

BeanMeals will encourage the cooking and eating of meals made with dried beans to support an increase in low fat, sugar and salt meals made with healthy plant-based proteins. The project started by introducing beans into school meals and following the food system from fork to farm. 

Our Recipe for Change resource supports schools in bringing together the whole community to learn about bean based meals and how this links to the Food for Life Award. It was created as part of the BeanMeals project, but can be used by any setting to learn more about the power of pulses!

A Recipe for Change (11,344.8k)

Everything you need to know for growing your haricot beans!

BeanMeals Growing Card (749.4k)

How the humble bean can help the world

Beans are highly versatile, nutritious, cheap and they are great for the environment because they fix nitrogen from the atmosphere into the soil, reducing the need for synthetic fertilisers. Here's why the future is looking decidedly beany.

(This film was made in partnership by BBC Ideas and the University of Oxford's Social Sciences Division)

This document provides information about plant-based proteins, a cheap and nutritious alternative to meat.

Plant Based Protein Factsheet (203.1k)

These training slides were provided to cooks involved with the BeanMeals project to support them in the development of bean based meals and in encouraging and educating the children, teachers and wider community about the importance of beans.

BeanMeals Cooks Training (1,246.5k)

These training slides were provided to teachers involved with the BeanMeals project to introduce them to the BeanMeals project, make the links to the Food For Life Award (Food Education Criteria) and to showcase an integrated approach to food education.

BeanMeals Teacher Training (1,016.4k)

Try these simple, delicious baked bean recipes as a healthier alternative!

Easy Baked Beans Recipe (236.6k)