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Festive menus and farm assurance

As the festive season approaches, we wanted to share some information on turkey and farm assurance. 

As you may already be aware, because turkeys are bred to order the availability of turkey is an ongoing gap in the catering sector. Many supermarkets put their orders in with suppliers for their farm-assured birds well in advance, and the birds are then bred are to meet these contracts. 

We know this is a challenge for our caterers and would urge you to get in touch to discuss any concerns. Our standard (1.2) requiring all meat served to be farm-assured applies to all menus, including one-off event menus for Christmas. If non-farm-assured meat is served as part of a festive menu, a non-compliance will be raised in the same way as it would if non-farm-assured meat was served as part of the daily menu, and your Awards Officer would discuss appropriate actions and next steps with you prior to renewing your award. 

Due to the low availability of farm-assured turkey nationally, we encourage caterers to be creative and are keen to support you in sourcing and serving alternative festive dishes. And, if you are already planning anything a bit different for your festive menus, we’d love to hear from you and celebrate what you’re up to. Please drop us a line at 

Also, please note that some sectors, such as universities and hospitals, may have counters or outlets that sit outside of the award and are clearly marketed as not being part of Food for Life Served Here. If you’re one of our award holders in these sectors and you’re not sure about the requirements please contact us to discuss in advance.