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School Food Checklist for COVID-19


In the next couple of weeks a number of schools are planning to re-open for a greater number of pupils. Consequently, this decision triggers an increase in school meal provision that requires careful considerations and processes developed in order to keep both children and staff safe.

We appreciate how many changes schools are having to make and the associated concerns, queries and confusion that may arise.

To assist schools and catering teams as fully as possible, we have co-designed the School Food Checklist for COVID-19 under the School Food Plan Alliance. 

This checklist is now recommended on the Government website.

This checklist is designed particularly for schools who self-manage their catering provision. It is to help school leaders and their catering teams make decisions that are right for their schools so that pupils can continue to benefit from good, nutritious school food.

This checklist should be used in conjunction with other issued guidance and advice, especially around social distancing, food safety guidance specific to COVID-19 and enhanced cleaning regimes in schools.

It is critical that it is used in line with the school’s risk assessment policies. The checklist provides additional links to support schools and their catering teams with this. 

With thoughtful care and planning, it should still be possible to make sure that school lunchtime is an enjoyable experience, time spent sharing good food with peers and teachers.

Download the School Food Checklist for COVID-19 here


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