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A brand new year!

The summer is coming to an end and the children have returned to school eager to see how the fruit and vegetables they lovingly planted and cared for have fared over the last five weeks. Due to the mild weather the garden had flourished and the children were ecstatic to see the bounty of marrows, beans, swedes, turnips and tomatoes that were ready to be dug up and consumed. As a result of such a good growing season we are putting on our first food market to parents where we will raise money to support the cooking club which as set up last year.


We have also began the process of recruiting new members to the food council, and look forward enacting some of the brilliant ideas they are already bringing to the table. Our focus this term is on improving the quality of packed lunches after undertaking a survey to establish what was going into their lunches. The food council are hoping to lead a number of assemblies suggesting healthy alternatives, as well as sending home healthy suggestions for mums and dads.