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Grandparent Gardening Week

For the second year in a row St Cuthbert’s invited grandparents in to help prepare the grounds for the upcoming growing season. We had a phenomenal response, with over fifty grandparents volunteering to help their grandchildren dig, weed and plant across the school. In addition, we had some fantastic donations of plants and bushes which are thriving as we race towards summer. As a reward for all their hard work, grandparents were rewarded with a free school lunch which they shared with their grandchildren. It was a phenomenal success and the generosity and hard work shown by volunteers has been overwhelming (even with the wet weather they kept on smiling). We look forward to taking part in the event next year!

Highlights of the week include:

-grandparents sharing their wealth of knowledge with children and adults. This is invaluable and the children and I learnt a great deal about planting and caring for plants.

-building ditches to drain beds after a nights heavy rain. We all got very muddy but had a lot of fun.


Children’s comments:

“I liked spending time with my grandparents and sharing my school life with them.”

“I enjoyed how we had a whole morning with your grandparents, without any other distractions.”

“I loved hearing all the stories the grandparents had to share! I learnt a lot.”

“We all worked together to make the school look beautiful.”

“I enjoyed sharing dinner with my grandparents and showing them what my day is like at school.”