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Inspire Academy are first Medway school to achieve a Food for Life Bronze Award

Congratulations to Inspire Academy, who are the first school in Medway to receive the Food for Life Bronze School Award. 


Inspire Academy is a special school based in Chatham, and every pupil that attends has an EHCP (Educational, Health and Care Plan) with SEMH (Social, Emotional and Mental Health) as their primary need. Staff work hard to deliver a curriculum that will suit each pupil’s needs, and have weaved cooking, growing and learning about where food comes from into this curriculum.  

Some of the highlights of Inspire Academy’s award application include speaking about which fruits and vegetables are in season during assemblies, and food and horticulture lessons which are linked to the food they grow on site. They respond to feedback from pupils and parents about the menu. Some examples of this are purchasing a new salad cart after pupils said they wanted more salad options, and expanding the options available during tuck to keep pupils fuller for longer. This is a great example of pupil voice in action, which is so important as part of creating a good food culture. 

Since enrolling as a Food for Life school, Inspire Academy have set up a School Nutrition Action Group consisting of pupils, their catering manager and staff. So far, this group have shared low-cost recipes with families and served food to parents and carers during parents evening. Cooking and growing is a big part of their ethos, teaching pupils how to make recipes healthier, and giving them the opportunity to grow carrots, pea-shoots and herbs.


The Food for Life Bronze Award is a huge achievement in an ongoing journey to transform food culture in school. We are very excited to see what Inspire Academy do next!

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