Get Together for Grandparent Gardening Week

Coming up in Spring 2021

Food for Life Get Togethers are all about bringing people together using the power of good food. 

Grandparent Gardening Week gets us planting, growing, and reminds us where our food comes from while spending time outdoors with people of all ages. 

Being active outside in nature, growing food and connecting with people has such a positive impact on our well-being.  

Get inspired

Teenagers from Halifax Academy visited residents at Summerfield House care home and, over the course of a year, transformed their outdoor space. And there were even bigger changes, too. Aisha, one of the year 10 students, said "You think old people don't know much, but then you find out they've been doctors, run a business, travelled the world. I love Shirley's stories. Everyone should have a Shirley in their lives!"

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