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Food for Life Get Togethers are regular community events that connect people from all ages and backgrounds through food.  

Food for Life Get Togethers are regular community events that connect people from all ages and backgrounds through food.  

Despite not being able to get together physically right now, there are many ways that we can connect with each other over good food. 

If you’d like to bring people together by growing, cooking or sharing healthy and tasty food, here's how you can get started today:  

1. Join our Get Togethers digital community and share recipes, ideas, tips, advice and more with like-minded people across the country. Join today and be inspired by what others are doing. 
2. Take part in a socially-distanced event

from your doorstep. Sign up today and get a free pack of spinach or carrot seeds to get your Get Together off the ground!

3. Join an online activity. We’re planning a series of Live Cook-alongs starting next month. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more info coming soon, but in the meantime...  
4. Host a Zoom dinner party with the family – and invite a family member along who you haven’t spoken to in a while. A quiz is a great way to get everyone talking.  
5. Encourage the kids to write letters to the local care home. Many care homes are now being set up with WiFi for the first time, so you could even invite one of the residents to join you virtually for a ‘garden tour’!  
6. Set up a virtual allotment with your local community. Share growing tips and get everyone involved. Read our top tips for growing at home.  
7. Ready, steady, grow! Plant some seeds at the same time as your grandparents and keep track of their progress. Whose is the first seed to germinate? Whose are sprouting leaves? Share tips for leggy seedlings and more! You never know, there might be a wealth of untapped knowledge in the family.  
8. Share what you’re doing on Twitter and Facebook and inspire others. Don’t forget to tag us @SAFoodforLife and use #FFLGetTogethers.  

What are you waiting for? Join the digital community today and be part of a movement to bring people together through food! 

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What's next?

You can register your Food for Life Get Together online, or by downloading and returning this form and sending it to:

Food for Life Get Togethers, Soil Association, Spear House, 51 Victoria Street, Bristol, BS1 6AD

Let us know what you’d like to do and we will help you plan your Food for Life Get Together. We're happy to answer any questions you may have.

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