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The Food for Life programme is built around a series of core elements applied flexibly to meet local needs.

The summaries below will give you an idea of how the programme is working in some of our commissioned areas. If you'd like to explore further how FFL could work in your area, please get in touch.

Use the links below to find out more about Food for Life in an area near you:


Calderdale has had a Food for Life presence since 2012.  The programme is commissioned as an integrated partner of the Healthy Futures Alliance for Young People.  Through this model, all schools benefit from 1:1 advice from a local team, training and support with the running of a School Cooks Network. 

Calderdale announced a climate emergency in October 2019 and food is therefore at the forefront of everyone’s mind with active engagement from schools.  Calderdale Public Health have contributed to the development of our national programme, including piloting our Early Years award and the local Out to Lunch campaign. They also continue to build up our evidence base.

To find out more about the Calderdale commission, please contact Chandra Pankhania.


The County Council, led by Public Health, commissioned Food for Life from 2013-2020, recently securing funding for a further two years, up to Sept 2022.  

FFL supports schools in Derbyshire to create a positive food culture across the whole school community. We provide 1:1 support to schools whilst engaging the wider local community and Derbyshire-based food networks and groups.

FFL also directly support school caterers and continues to support Derbyshire County Caterers, who have achieved their Bronze Food for Life Served Here for all secondary schools, and Silver for all primary schools. Read more about Food for Life Served Here.

FFL works in collaboration and partnership with other commissioned and local Derbyshire programmes to embed the FFL ethos and approach in other services and projects, an example of this is the Henry Project.

FFL are also part of the Childhood Healthy Weight Steering Group, working on Whole System Approaches.

To find out more about the Derbyshire commission, please contact Angela Bebbington.

Read our latest report on Food for Life's impact in Derbyshire here.



2021 is the sixth year of the Food for Life Hull programme, which works with schools across all phases as well as early years settings.

Hull City Council first commissioned Food for Life in January 2016 to deliver a whole school food and nutrition programme to schools in Hull over 3 years.

Food for Life works alongside other services within the city to be part of a Whole Systems Approach to tackle and prevent childhood obesity.

The Hull commission is a unique partnership model which has been funded since 2019 by a combination of: Hull City Council and small grants from three local trusts.

To find out more about the Hull commission, please contact Katie Todd.

Read our latest report on Food for Life's impact in Hull here.


Leicester City 

FFL is commissioned by Leicester City Council’s Public Health Department and ran their first programme from April 2015 until March 2018. A new commission commenced April 2021 and this will be the 6th year of the programme.

84 schools have enrolled onto the Food for Life programme of which 32 have achieved their FFL Bronze Award. 6 primary schools have their Silver Award. Overdale Junior school recently achieved their Gold award, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. You can read more about Overdale here, and watch their video showcasing their great work.

To find out more about the Leicester City commission, please contact Lisa Didier.


The established Leicestershire Food for Life Commission is funded by Leicestershire County Council Public Health and spans over seven years so far.

The FFL commission has enabled all schools to receive free training, 1:1 support and resources, to create wider networks of support. Across the commission there is 1 Gold, 13 Silver and 72 Bronze schools which have been awarded Food for Life School Awards.

Leicestershire first established the now national Grandparent Gardening Week, to promote intergenerational links. The team are now building community hubs around schools bringing togethers farmers, producers and families to strengthen the wider community’s connection to good, local food.

To find out more about the Leicestershire commission, please contact Raksha Mistry.


Public Health Walsall commissioned Food for Life for three years in 2017, and extended the work for a further year in 2020 (to end August 2021). The commission takes a whole setting approach to provide Food for Life Awards, training and personalised support packages to all Walsall primary schools and 35 nurseries.  Our local team support all settings to embed a good food culture through food education, food leadership, community engagement and food quality.

As part of the commission, Walsall Council Caterers have been supported to achieve Food for Life Served Here Bronze accreditation and are working towards Silver. The local team is also working actively on the ground to support other caterers and in-house cooks to improve the quality, provenance and take-up of school meals and to make healthy eating easier.

Food for Life Walsall develops new resources to support delivery, which includes a robust Cook & Eat programme of activity.

Vikki Tolley, Public Health Walsall:
“Commissioning Food for Life will be paramount for us over the next year (20-21): securing the wellbeing and health of our young people during and post-coronavirus will be more important than ever.”

To find out more about the Walsall commission, please contact Jenine Hadley.

Read our latest report on Food for Life's impact in Walsall here.


Food for Life is working in partnership to deliver a five year programme - Eat Smart Sheffield - from 2020-2024 (inclusive).  
The programme, funded by Sheffield City Council's Public Health Team and managed by Learn Sheffield, is delivering a 'Whole School and Settings Approach to Food and Nutrition Service'. Through the programme, every school in Sheffield has access to the Food for Life Membership Package to inspire their food education, plus 20 schools per year have access to the full Food for Life School Award Programme, with additional training and 1:1 support from the Eat Smart Sheffield Programme Manager.  
Food for Life is also actively working with local catering providers to continually improve the school meal offer, increase school meal take-up and boost integration between the catering services, schools, pupils and parents.

To find out more about the Sheffield programme, please contact Lisa Aldwinckle.

This 22 month project, from Sept 2020-June 2022, embeds Food for Life’s Early Years approach in Nottinghamshire’s LGA-funded Childhood Obesity Trailblazer project.  Through this test and learn project, we’ll be working with 6 early years settings (nurseries and larger childminders) to embed the Food for Life Early Years Award framework, equip staff practitioners with skills and knowledge around food and nutrition and work collaboratively to improve the nutritional profile of menus.

To find out more about the Nottinghamshire programme, please contact Ali Griffett.

To find out more about the Leicester City commission, please contact Lisa Didier .
To find out more about the Leicester City commission, please contact Lisa Didier .

"Commissioning Food for Life will be paramount for us over the next year (20-21): securing the wellbeing and health of our young people during and post-coronavirus will be more important than ever."Vikki Tolley, Public Health Walsall

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Food for Life works with public and private sector leaders to make good food the easy choice for everyone, whoever and wherever they are. 

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