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The Food for Life programme is built around a series of core elements applied flexibly to meet local needs.

The summaries below will give you an idea of how the programme is working in some of our commissioned areas. If you'd like to explore further how FFL could work in your area, please get in touch.

Use the links below to find out more about Food for Life in an area near you:

First commissioned in 2012, Calderdale Council’s Public Health team have repeatedly funded a universal programme for all schools to access the Food for Life awards, training and support packages. The programme now also includes work in other areas, including Early Years and Care Settings (in Partnership with AgeUK).
Kirklees Council Public Health first commissioned Food for Life in 2012 and have continued to do so annually to deliver a universal programme for all schools to access our awards, training and support packages. Similar to Calderdale, the commission now also includes some pilot work in Early Years settings, as well as linking in with the FFL Hospital Leaders’ programme funded by the NHS Trust. Kirklees Council Catering provide all contract schools with the Silver Food for Life Served Here award.
Hull City Council awarded Food for Life a tender in 2016 to run the City’s Whole School Food and Nutrition Programme for 3 years, using the Food for Life tried and tested approach and model. The programme works with 15 schools per year on the FFL awards programme, with full training courses, one to one support, direct support with the City Catering and in-house cooks and enthusing a sustainable network of good food in all City schools. In addition, FFL is working in conjunction with City Catering to provide Cook & Eat sessions, through a volunteer network to target populations across Hull. 
The City Council Public Health team have commissioned FFL for two years to provide all schools in the city with access to the full FFL awards programme, training, support and resources. Following the guiding principles of Sustainable Food Cities, FFL plays a major role in the City. Stoke City Catering provide all contract schools with the Silver FFL Served Here Award.
Warwickshire Public Health has commissioned FFL from a pilot to a universal programme for all schools. Support is available to all primary, secondary, PRU and SENs and there is now a 4 year delivery and support programme for all Local Authority supported Children’s Centres in Warwickshire. In addition, Public Health Warwickshire jointly fund the FFL Hospital Leaders programme with South Warwickshire Foundation Trust. Warwickshire County Catering provide all contract schools with the Silver Food for Life Served Here Award and are ‘exploring’ Gold. FFL Warwickshire is part of the County’s Fitter Futures programme.
A three year universal schools programme funded by Public Health Leicestershire has resulted in more schools achieving FFL Awards in the last 12 months than any other Authority in England. All schools receive training, one to one support, resources, events and networks, as well as a wide reaching promotional element. The programme is now piloting FFL Awards for Early Years, exploring expanding the approach into Care Settings and spreading the FFL Catering Mark within the County. Leicestershire School Food Support are providing all contract schools with the Silver FFL Served Here Award and are ‘exploring’ Gold.
Leicester City    
Public Health Leicester awarded a tendered contract to FFL to deliver the City’s Healthy Eating Initiative in Schools programme over three years. The programme includes an integrated delivery element with Leicester Nutrition & Dietetics Service and delivers support, training, events and networks to over 90 schools across the City. A close working relationship with the City’s school meals provider is leading to system change, with aspirations for the FFL Catering Mark standards to be applied to all contracted schools.
The County Council, led by Public Health, has commissioned FFL for three recurrent years to support ‘families’ of schools in target areas of the County, including Chesterfield and Long Eaton. Each family includes infant, primary and secondary schools and supports multiple caterers with working towards the FFL Served Here standards. In addition Derbyshire County Caterers have achieved their Bronze FFL Served Here as a result of this contract and are ‘exploring’ Silver.
Cambridgeshire Public Health have commissioned FFL for 3 recurrent years to deliver the full FFL Awards programme to schools in target areas of the County, including Fenland, Huntingdon and parts of Cambridge City. All schools receive one to one support, resources, training and an inspirational week on the Cooking Bus, and all those with fresh food prep school meals are also achieving FFL Awards. Cambridgeshire Catering Services are providing all contract schools that have fresh prep meals with the Bronze Food for LIFE Served Here Award and are ‘exploring’ Silver.
Public Health Peterborough have commissioned FFL for an 18-month pilot to provide a full Awards programme to all schools in the City, with a target to engage Secondary schools as well as Primary. This forms an integral part of the City’s broader Sustainable Food Cities approach and plays a major contribution to the Healthy Schools programme in Peterborough. The commission has a significant focus on school meals, with three independent catering Providers providing meals to schools that are now exploring the Served Here Award standards.

"We have re-commissioned FFL as they have proved to be a proactive strategic partner in our approach to tackling childhood obesity in Lincolnshire."Richard Cumbers (Children’s Health Programme Manager - Lincolnshire County Council)

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Food for Life works with public and private sector leaders to make good food the easy choice for everyone, whoever and wherever they are. 

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